A Few Words About Debraj Roy College

The college provides an excellent opportunity for interaction among students coming from various ethnic and linguistic background. College has accredited with "A" Grade by NAAC, and selected by UGC as Centre with Potential Excellence.

The present enrolment in the college is around 2500 (excluding private and casual students), which may be considered good considering the fact that at present there are eight other DGIA college, in the district. To prepare the students to meet the challenges of the modern world and to inculate them with the spirit of leadership in different avenues, have all along been the guiding principles of the college. Over the years, the college has been maintaining fairly good record of performance in different university and council examinations. And the products of this institution now has held many responsible positions of society.

The college has just concluded the diamond jubilee celebration in 2010, with many development projects. As a result the college now presents a new look both academically and infrastructurally.

History of Debraj Roy College

Debraj Roy College came into being in the wake of independence of the country around 1949. In the post independence period here was a seething atmosphere of great joy and excitement all over the country and this tempo was also felt in an isolated and sleepy town at Golaghat.

There was a craze for higher education among all sections of the people, particularly the students. At that time, there was only one college at Jorhat for upper Assam region. Higher Education was out of reach for the general students of this educationally backward district. This consideration led some spirited persons of the district to establish a college at Golaghat. This premier institution of higher education may be regarded as the brain child of Ajyodhya Prasad Goswami, who was then a student leader, Biplobi Bir Sankar Ch. Baruah, a revolutionary leader of freedom movement, Golap Ch. Goswami, Dr. Promodaviram Das, Jadunath Saikia, etc. the college was initially 'started' on 1st Sept' 1949, at the premises of Govt. Bezbarooah High School (now a higher secondary school) and then shifted to mission compound and was known as Golaghat College and affiliated to Gauhati University. With the subsequent shifting to the present site in 1952, the college was renamed as Debraj Roy CollegeBy naming the college as Debraj Roy College, a well deserved tribute was paid to late Debraj Roy, the founder of Bogidhala Tea & Trading Company, Goalghat, on whose cherished memory his illustrious son Surendra Nath Ray, the then M.D. of Bogidhala Tea & Tarding Company, donated a considerable amount for the construction of the main building of the college. In the same year the Government of Assam also allotted about 14 acres of land for the college at the persent site. This was the first college of the district (then subdivision of undivided Sibsagar District) and born of necessity and out of the awareness infused by the national freedom movement. Besides providing education to common mass, transmission and generation of knowledge the other main objective of the college was the socio-economic development of the country as a whole and the region in particular. The college is situated in an ideal location in the heart of the town just in front of the Circuit House. The serene atmosphere with calm green surrounding is conductive to academic pursuits. Starting with just 57 students (Boys 43 and Girls 14) in the year of its inception, the college has marched along with time and is now; one of the foremost institutions of higher education in the state. For transmission of scientific knowledge among the masses, the science section of the college was started in 1960. Till 1965 the college was affiliated to Gauhati University in 1965, the Govt. of Assam by an act brought the college under Dibrugarh University along other leading Colleges in upper Assam districts Now, it is a full fledged degree college and offers students the facilities for studies in science and humanities.

Our Mission

Since its inception in 1949, D. R. College has been subscribing to a humble mission and human endeavour to acquaint the aspiring students of the educationally backward district of Golaghat, Assam with higher education. With a view to arriving at the desired goal, the college has been adopting various measures in tandem with the aims of achieving academic excellence, transforming the society through dissemination of knowledge and generating scientific temperament in the local community in particular and the region in general. The mission of the college receives impetus from the affiliating University and it aims at providing liberal education by intermingling both traditional and innovative courses. Curriculum revision is done by the university once in 4 to 5 years. The mechanism of revising the curriculum as well as opening of new academic programmes is devised by the undergraduate board of studies of the university constituted from time to time; it consists of the senior teachers of affiliated colleges. Our teacher members in the UG Board offer suggestions about curriculum revision by taking informal feedback from students, alumni and academic peers. However, the college adopts several measures like arrangement of various awareness camps, seminars, workshops etc. to make the students and the society aware of institution's traditions and value orientation, to abolish blind beliefs, prejudices, superstitions etc. and to generate scientific temperament.

Our Vision

The emblem of DR College represents an old dictum :Vidya Dadaati Vinayam- that is, knowledge gives humility. It had been adopted in keeping up with the long cherished ideals of some eternal socio-cultural and academic ethos that have essentially characterized the potential heritage of Indian culture and tradition. Ever since the institution came into existence, the fraternity of D.R. College has been in tune with the human endeavour of exploring and extracting a genuine academic zeal, upholding moral justice and disseminating the values of social justice to the community of the region of Golaghat district and its adjacent areas. The college fraternity has shown strong commitment towards adhering to principles like national integration, social justice, secularism, and a democratic way of life which can together create a scientific temperament viable to finding solutions to the eternal socio -economic and cultural problems that are akin to the Indian society.

Our vision is to make the institution a centre of professional excellence which can serve the society and the nation in a better way in keeping up with the modern and changing needs of time, space and circumstances. The institution, therefore, sees to it that the concerned stakeholders like learners, teachers and staff members are constantly engaged in serving the perennial motto of the college; that is, summun bonum, the highest good of all and for all.