Department of Political Science

About the Department

The Department of Political Science, D.R. College had come into existence in the year 1958, almost after nine years of the inception of the college. Under the able guidance and supervision of the then Principal, Prafulla Kr. Baruah , the department became fully functioning in the same year. In the initial years of its existence, the pioneering efforts by the these early incumbents of the department, particularly Dr. Bedabrata Baruah helped enormously in transforming it into a full fledged and one of the most coveted departments of the college in the years to come. However, Dr. Baruah had a short stint in the college because he joined active politics later; he was elected to the Indian parliament and subsequently adorned the berth of a Cabinet Minister in the Government of India in the post 1958 period . With due passage of time, the department got fresh leases of life when it was joined by Dr.(Mrs) Nirala Borgohain(1964),Hem Rajkhowa(1965) and Dr. Khagen Phukan(1972) respectively. During her tenure, Dr Borgohain also served as a Visiting Professor to the Department of Political Science, Calcutta University and as a member of the NAAC Peer Teams in charge of awarding accreditation to colleges and universities of India.

Learning Resources

The Department has an in- house store of books, journals and course materials for the major students. At present there 150 books, four subscribed national and one international journal. The students can avail all kinds of course- related books and Indian as well as foreign e- journals though internet. The department is computerized, enjoys internet connectivity and is well connected to a Broad Band (LAN) Internet network in the College. Apart from these conventional procedures, LCD projectors and Computers are being used for comprehensive teaching in the Smart class room.

Future Plan of Action

  • As tools of social science methodologies, Survey and Research naturally occupy the highest place amongst the plans of action of the department.
  • Surveys and field activities i.e. visits of the students and learners to the Blocks and Panchayats, State Archives, State Assembly and Indian Parliament
  • Academic Tour, Awareness and Extension Programmes
  • Special emphasis will be placed upon camping and excursions for garnering practical knowledge on social and community life of the region and other parts of the country

Faculties of the Department

Ruma Hazarika, MA
Associate Prof
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B. Kuli, MA
Associate Prof (HOD)
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Dr. Tarun Gogoi, MA, MPhil, Ph.D
Assistant Prof
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Biplob Gogoi, MA, MPhil
Assistant Prof
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