Womens Hostel

The college has both boys and girls hostel inside the college campus. The boys' hostel can accomodate 30 boarders and girls' hostel has capacity of accomodating 150 boarders. The hostel seats are provided strictly on the basis of merit only, and a few seats are reserved for ST/SC students. For accomodation one has to apply to hostel warden in prescribed form.

Hostel Rules

  • To observe the timing of Breakfast, meals, study hours, evening attendance etc.
  • Not to indulge in alcohol or drug abuse.
  • To get written permission before finally leaving the hostel after finising sessions.
  • To get permission before accomodating any guest with boarders.
  • To get prior leave permission before leaving hostel.
  • To pay hostel (mess) dues before 15th day of the month.
  • Shall remain closed during summer, winter & puja vacation; if anybody wants to stay in hostel at that time he/she has to get permission.